"Without You" by Marc Filmer - Jan 2nd, 2022

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Hi, I'm Marc Filmer, a composer of contemporary instrumental music. I'd love to introduce you to my new album, "Without You," which features twelve original compositions. Two versions of each piece are provided on my new release, including the full arrangement orchestrated with strings, and also the solo piano rendition.

The theme of the album is lost love, and over the next three months, I'll be releasing a music video for each track. If you aren't already subscribed to my YouTube channel, go ahead and click the subscribe button now, and tap the bell icon to be notified when each video goes live. Thank you, and bye for now!

01. Dreamlight

"Dreamlight" is an ethereal piece that describes an epiphany occurring during sleep. A lover suffering from separation anxiety has a vivid dream in which the romantic couple is together again. The presence of the romantic partner is experienced in an other-worldly way, as their soul shines out with a glow, curing the grieving heart of the one left behind.

The "Dreamlight" increases in intensity until the sleeping partner awakes and the feeling of complete love quickly fades back into the reality of a cold dark bedroom.

02. Keep Going

"Keep Going" is a mournful piece, which embodies the mood of a separated soulmate who is trying to motivate themself to get through another day. There is the feeling in the music of a longing for meaning; Finding something to live for again, because one's sense of purpose was tied up in a person who is no longer around to inspire courage.

Despite the melancholic vibe, the music is hopeful, as new ways to cope can be found and happiness will return to life in some form.

03. Full Bloom

"Full Bloom" captures the spirit of a springtime life event, where there are signs that the seeds planted will flourish. A happy coincidence on a warm day sparks a feeling of optimism, and a sense of normality may soon return. The beauty of nature can paint its way into the darkest corner when the time is right to liberate sadness.

Positive affirmations cause happiness to proliferate and make invisible connections that will soon be vital for the tough road ahead.

04. Queen

"Queen" is the musical story of a powerful all-consuming love. The subject of the music has put his partner on a pedestal and feels that no one else could ever come close. The piece has a melancholic tone due to the current circumstance of separation, and the uncertainty that ensues.

There's a certain mournful character and vulnerability in the mood of the music; A deep sadness that longs to be cured.

05. Fragile Bridge

"Fragile Bridge" describes being in a precarious emotional state. There's some form of stability present, but though the subject of the music is moving forward, they're in a dangerous position. The support structure around them threatens to collapse at any moment, endangering their road to recovery.

At its heart, the music deals with healing and rebuilding the strength to love again.

06. Fading Memories

"Fading Memories" is about the process of moving on from a relationship that has abruptly ceased. After the worst stages of grief appear to be over, a sense of calm returns, yet there are still signs that scars have been left behind.

Nostalgic memories pop into consciousness at seemingly random moments, and the subject of the music fears losing their connection to the past. Daydreams fuel nightmares as details become hazy and fact distorts into fiction. The depression of loss still has a strong enough pull to prevent full immersion in the present moment.

07. Shadowlight

In a dark place, "Shadowlight" is the ray of hope that illuminates the night and melts away the pain. The music is about feeling the warm glow of a person's spirit, even though they aren't physically present. After letting go of the resentment of being left alone, a sense of gratitude replaces the refusal to let go of a loved one who's now lost.

When reflecting on how another person has influenced our character for the better, we can reframe the past and be thankful for the time that we did share.

08. Human Kindness

In "Human Kindness" the subject of the music is reflecting on the happy memories and warm aura connected to their former romantic partner. The past relationship is no longer a source of pain, and a good amount of hurt has healed. Now, thinking about the time and experiences shared has a positive meaning.

An important and irreplaceable person is gone, but not forgotten.

09. A Million Years

"A Million Years" describes a feeling of being buried under the weight of time, while the present moment feels stretched out for an eternity. This warped sense of chronology leads to impatience and frustration; The desire to finally move forward somehow, in a meaningful way.

It feels like the best years are already gone, and that it would be almost impossible to have good days ahead. Yet hope begins to emerge, along with the realization that all seasons will eventually change.

10. Reset

"Reset" is a piece about letting go. It concerns a cessation of thought and a deliberate stilling of the mind. Creating a silent space in which intuitive answers may arise. Removing ourselves from the physical world for brief moments at a time, so we can feel a truth emerge that evades words.

By quieting the noisy internal dialogue, events may be viewed as an outsider, so one can better consider actions to take in life.

11. Olive Branch

"Olive Branch" is a peace theme. Connecting with something bigger than ourselves can help us find out who we are, as we are right now. The beauty of life had seemed so elusive, but it is now apparent at every turn because our eyes have been opened.

The subject of the music begins to see love flower from the seeds of hope planted long ago.

12. No One Like You

"No One Like You" is a musical representation of the beauty of individualism. It's about the complexity of a human being and a pure soul who is underappreciated. It's about the deep respect held for family and friends, who are there for us in the best and worst of times.

We may see small characteristics of a departed loved one in others, but no one can replace the whole person that was. And for that, we are glad, because we can cherish the memory even more deeply.

Listen To "Without You" Now!

I hope you are now excited to give my new album a spin!

"Without You" can be streamed on all major digital distribution platforms. Music videos will be released weekly for both the piano and strings and the solo piano versions, so make sure you're subscribed to the Marc Filmer YouTube channel!

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