"Something Borrowed" by Marc Filmer - September 5th, 2022

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"Something Borrowed" is a piano and strings album by me, Marc Filmer. The album features eight original compositions, with solo piano versions also included.

The subtle theme that emerged out of my last two albums was love and marriage, with this new album completing a trilogy. I have previously released "Blue," "Old & New," and here comes "Something Borrowed." Read on, as I dive deeper into each track on the album, revealing a little bit of the story and inspirations behind the music.

1. Complications

The lead track, "Complications," is about the unexpected bumps in the road that may lead up to a wedding. Although relaxed in mood, there is a certain ominous nature to the alternating chords, where doubts and uncertainties are considered and rejected by the protagonist of the song.

2. Maxime

When I composed this track I had memories of my years in Wales in my mind's eye. The song has a slightly retro vibe that I can't quite put my finger on and a rhythm that's quite different from the other tracks on the album.

3. Unwell

This track encapsulates the feeling of being taken care of "in sickness" as well as "in health." The music paints an atmosphere of feeling under the weather, yet also being thankful and feeling loved. It's the warmth of a romantic partner helping you get through difficult times.

4. Redline

"Redline" sums up the mood of being in unchartered territory and out of your comfort zone. It's the feeling that you've committed your maximum energy and now your quickly burning up your fuel reserves with your mind in overdrive. It's about facing difficulties in life and finding a way to somehow cope with unexpected turns of events.

5. Venus Wedding

This piece is a theme for a dream wedding. It adopts a feminine point of view and indulges in an idealistic frame of mind for the special day. The music describes the perfect wedding, that has now been imagined into reality.

6. Float Away

I wanted to compose a piece of music that symbolized the "cloud nine" feeling that loved-up couples often experience. The feeling of being so high on life that you might start floating off, right up into the sky. It's about the soft and warm side of love that we all want to wash over us and last forever.

7. True Love

The title alludes to the point in a relationship where a couple has no doubts that their love is real and that their foundation for marriage is solid. The song has a section that is slightly ambiguous in mood, to signify that things may not always run smoothly. Like the rise and fall of a tide, true love always finds its stabile center again.

8. Australia

As I was improvising at the piano with my eyes closed, I was picturing being on a flight to Australia for some reason. I imagined the exploration that might await a honeymooning couple. On the long flight across the oceans, the newlyweds have plenty of time to talk and look forward to their adventures to come. All while living it up in first class, for their first and perhaps only time.

Listen To "Something Borrowed" Now!

Now that I've opened up the lid on "Something Borrowed," I hope you're excited to explore the album in full. Music videos will be released weekly for both the piano and strings and the solo piano versions, so make sure you're subscribed to the Marc Filmer YouTube channel!

"Something Borrowed" can also be streamed on all major digital distribution platforms. Please enjoy my music, and I thank you for your support! 

Marc Filmer

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