"Promises" EP / Mini-Album Released

Post date: Jan 1, 2020 8:59:26 PM

Promises’ is now live around the world on all the major streaming platforms and digital music retail outlets (direct links below). The mini-album contains six new instrumentals, with both the piano & strings and solo piano versions included. Below, I’ll explain a little bit about the inspiration behind each track:

Anything For You’ carries a dramatic love theme that might speak of a historical romance that survives through hard times. It features a really driving piano rhythm and a soaring violin melody. ‘Blue Skies’ is a feelgood tune, with a top-of-the-world vibe and a light airy feel. ‘Coming Home’ has a feeling of melancholia, and an almost tragic beauty.

Sweet Intentions’ is a gentle friendship theme, while ‘Return Flight’ tells the musical story of a long-distance relationship. Finally, ‘See You Again’ carries a nostalgic yearning vibe and closes out the mini-album. I thank you for supporting my creativity by showing interest in my art. Here are some of the ways you can listen to ‘Promises’:

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