Marc Filmer is a British-American solo piano artist with a relaxing new-age / neo-classical sound. Marc's music has entered the UK Top 50 in the Official YouTube Music Global Charts. He has also had tracks featured by the Spotify Editorial Team in the "Instrumental Reading" playlist.

Marc Filmer was born in Devon, England, and strives to write beautiful instrumentals at the piano in his New York studio. His approach to creating music is both personal and intuitive.

In addition to composing solo piano works, Marc also enjoys orchestrating his pieces for string orchestra. These versions often have a cinematic quality and are inspired by movie themes and neoclassical artists.

Marc's music has been licensed in a variety of media projects, many of which are for major brands. These include NBC, Saatchi & Saatchi, Delta Airlines, Volvo, Miracle-Ear Inc, and Neutrogena.

"I just like to sit at the piano, and come up with ideas, then take some of them in the direction that feels right. I enjoy refining each composition over time, shaping the music until it has evolved into a finished state."

Solo Piano Music by Marc Filmer

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