"Slow Down" by Marc Filmer

January 1st, 2022 (digital release)

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  1. Hikikomori Romance

  2. Yesteryear

  3. Didn't Know

  4. Clouds

  5. Come Back To Me

  6. Complete Me

  7. Right

  8. Avalanche

  9. Saga

  10. Featherlight Waves

  11. Canon by Pachelbel

  12. Ginza

"Slow Down" is a solo piano and strings music album by Marc Filmer. These contemporary instrumental tracks are often relaxing and well suited for peaceful background listening. Tracks 1-12 are the full piano and strings orchestrations and tracks 13-24 include the original solo piano versions.

Marc's soft piano style sets a soothing tone, complemented with rich string instruments and melodic writing. His classical crossover sound is reminiscent of some new-age artists and inspired by movie themes.