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"Time For Us" Digital Release on April 10, 2020 (Friday)

posted 17 Mar 2020, 12:25 by Marc Filmer   [ updated 17 Mar 2020, 12:25 ]
Time For Us
‘Reflections’ is about the way that we see ourselves in others and visa versa. When I created it, I was thinking about the common thread of humanity that runs through us all and how we can sometimes meet a person who reminds us of someone from our past. Sometimes those two people can start to merge together in our mind, leaving the question: Is it something about them, or us? 

‘Waiting’ is a piece all about heartache and the feeling of suspense when you don’t know the outcome of a decision or event that is pivotal to your future path. The strings strengthen towards the end of the track, bringing more uplifting emotion. 

‘Mirrors’ was conceived after a trip to New England. I was inspired by the idea of a fusing between past and present, especially with historically preserved buildings, offering a glimpse back to an earlier age. I’m fascinated in the way that records and artifacts can bring a generations old story back to life. 

‘One More Time’ is a more dramatic track that evokes a melancholic mood. It portraits a lonely bereaved character, desperately pining to be in the company of his soulmate again while grappling with a grim new reality. 

‘Sunshower’ picks up the pace to a light bouncy feel. It’s named after a weather event and the piece reminds me of that feeling of having a fresh outlook on a problem in the morning. After a bit of time goes by, things never seem quite so bad as first thought. 

‘Perfect Rain’ is like a metaphor for negative events that act as a catalyst for growth, in essence, good coming out of bad. When something goes wrong in a way that seems ironic in timing, it can sometimes leave us with a surreal feeling. As if there ought to be some kind of deeper meaning surrounding the event to justify it's occurrence.

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