"I'm Marc Filmer, a composer and recording artist of instrumental piano and strings tracks. I was born in North Devon, UK and now live in New York, US. As an artist, I'm inspired by Romanticism and Victorianism and I love to see these eras depicted in sound and on screen."

"My music is driven by the rhythmic flow of a solo piano composition. As a listener, I am moved by the soft swelling string harmonies of orchestral movie themes and I love the classically timeless sound of violins and celli providing the melodies."

  • Live on Pandora Internet Radio My debut release "Ethereal" has passed the submission process for Pandora Internet Radio and my artist station page is now live, here and in the permanent footer link 'Pandora' button below. For anyone who doesn't know what Pandora is, it's the most popular internet radio service in the US, Australia, New Zealand. I must also say that since learning about how Pandora works, I've become a massive advocate and I recommend it to everyone. I often listen to the 'New Age Solo Piano' station while I do a bit of housework (chuckle). The 'music genome' process works so well and it seems superbly fair in focusing solely on the musical qualities over all over factors! How totally ...
    Posted 16 Sep 2016, 18:53 by Marc Filmer
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