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Nuvole Bianche

'Nuvole bianche' by Ludovico Einaudi is a contemporary instrumental solo piano composition from the 2004 album Una Mattina. The piece, like much of the Italian pianist and composers work, has a minimalist feel and makes great use of silence to allow the listener to meditate on his musical motifs. The track has an uplifting feel, starting out with soft ringing chords, before a gentle rhythm builds the piece towards a chorus like b-section. The pianistic motion ever-increases with energy with a natural ebb flow that reminds be of water; perhaps the gentle bobbing of a boat on calm seas, turning into an exciting tidal wave. 

I think 'Nuvole Bianche' is meditative enough for ambient background listening, but also melodic enough to enjoy with more of an active focus. I think it would be particularly enjoyable to lay back and relax to this before bed as it has calming qualities to it. I like the dynamic contrast between the A and B sections, which appear yo follow a modern musical form similar to that found in rock and pop tunes, despite it’s neo-classical roots. 

The arpeggiated piano rhythms and ostinatos are reminiscent of other pianists in the tradition of the 'new-age' genre label. Although the album was released on the Sony Classical record label, the recording technique used to capture the performance sounds somewhat dry of reverberation and close in nature, as is common for new-age/contemporary instrumental recordings. Solo piano recordings from the classical repertoire traditionally feature a more distant and reverberant sound, but I love the detail in the recording of ‘Nuvole bianche’. It’s bright, but not overly so and the notes ring out clearly with no muddiness blurring the mix.