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MORNING GLORY Solo Piano Music Video Released...

posted 12 Jul 2019, 14:00 by Marc Filmer   [ updated 12 Jul 2019, 14:08 ]

‘Bouquet of Daydreams’ was digitally distributed to all the major music stores and streaming services today, including Marc Filmer Radio on Pandora; One of my favorite music discovery platforms as a listener. 

As well as being a fan of new age solo piano artists, I also have a real passion for piano & strings driven movie themes. Occasionally, background film music can be rich with melodic themes also, particularly with those composers who hark back to the golden age of movie music. John Barry was one of those neo-romantic masters, who really showcased the pianos brilliance for nostalgia and melancholia. The wistful yearning in his themes capture my heart’s soul and mind’s ear like few other composers and I find it rather ironic that he’s better known as the bold brassy James Bond (007) composer. Personally, I love his softer style of writing – his themes of love and heartbreak, scored so effectively and with the string orchestra providing most of the power and warmth. 

Some years back now, the theme for ‘Somewhere In Time’ popped up on a film music station and I purchased the film and score in rapid succession. In the documentary titled “Moviola” (that I believe accompanied the release of his retrospective movie music collection), Barry shares that the loss of both of his parents within months around the time he scored the picture, charged the music with powerful emotions. 

A few years ago, I discovered that the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, which was the filming location for the movie, was not the original inspiration for the book. In his novel ‘Bid Time Return’ (the basis for the screenplay), author Richard Matheson features the Hotel del Coronado in California and while researching it, I found a great show: ‘Historic Hotels of America’. In this series, I also caught an episode on Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, NY and I find the scale and beauty of such hotels quite breath taking. To imagine so many generations of guests that have traveled to places like this through the years is quite something. On a journey to the edge of NYC, we were passing nearby the Catskill Mountains, and I saw a castle like structure poking out through the trees at the top of the hill. Without remembering quite where the Mohonk Mountain House was, I wondered if this was it and I found out later that it was. I hope to get a closer look soon. 

Below is this week’s music video, which is the solo piano version of “Morning Glory” from my new release “Bouquet of Daydreams”. Next Friday I’ll be sharing the piano & strings version, so stay tuned for that. 

Morning; Gloriously fresh, like a cool crisp apple in the heat of July. Sky like a crystal shore, dressed with a tapestry of bird-call. Deepest and purest breaths en plein air. Natures vibrant palette of organic color saturates the light with paint. Wandering the country lanes. Walkers with dogs, soaking up the beauty through miles of gates and hedgerows. The village square is the center of this world, suspended in an impermeable bubble of timelessness.

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