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MORNING GLORY Piano & Strings Music Video Released...

posted 19 Jul 2019, 14:08 by Marc Filmer   [ updated 19 Jul 2019, 14:13 ]

The piano and strings version of "Morning Glory" is below as a music video, so please go ahead and click play while you read this weeks website post.

Among the musical treasures I've been listening to were a couple of albums by Rick Wakeman. The first album is "Country Airs". I’ve long admired Rick Wakeman abilities on the piano and it’s wonderful hearing him play on a more delicate style. I also listened to his 2018 “Piano Odyssey” album, with a gorgeous string accompaniment provided by The Orion Strings. “Strawberry Fields Forever” stood out as my pick, but I’m probably biased as a huge Beatles Fan.  

I enjoyed this video where Rick talks about his track ‘Jane Seymour” and I love what he says at 2m 04s: 
“The thing to give away when something is written is usually the sound, so it’s like 80’s pop records – there’s lots of sounds that we use then that give it away as that period of time; But when you’re coming down to piano and down to organ and harpsichord and instruments like that, then it is very hard to put a year on it.”

I also listened to some of George Martins film score work and I’ve always thought that the suggestion that he was the fifth "Beatle" was more than fair. I can’t imagine some of my favorite Lennon-McCartney  tracks without George’s piano parts and orchestral contributions. “The Golden Age of Light Music: Holiday for Strings” started auto-playing afterwards, which is interesting as I’ve discovered this album before as it includes music by Angela Morley who has orchestrated many of my favorite movie scores, including many by John Williams. This style of music is a lot of fun and George Martin is credited with “Serenade To Double Scotch”, which sounds like a Scottish or Irish jig to my ears. Those string players deserve a lot of credit for playing those fast lines so tunefully! I love that unexpected extra timpani roll at the end for some reason. 

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